About Me

A Web Developer In Silicon Beach

What I love doing.

A combo of web design, exploring new beer, and thinking of new startups to exist in the universe.

Web Development

I'm a web developer with startup experience currently working at LA's coolest ad-tech company - SteelHouse. I'm consistently improving my knowledge of JavaScript and am I'm really enjoying working in the big world of Advertising.

Craft Beer

I lived in Germany for 3 years, and drank some of the best beer in my life there. Belgium was my next door neighbor, so my beer fridge was normally stocked with 50% german and 50% Belgian. I love coding with good beer!


In my free time I work on building Tipjaar, a web and native mobile app to leave monetary tips. All based on the ideology that tipping should be a social mobile experience, and be included as a small piece in this huge mobile transaction marketplace!

Getting in touch.

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